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Today’s post regards DIY, and the wrong ways to do it.

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Why you Should NEVER DIY your Wedding Photos!


DIY’ing things for your wedding can seem like a really good option to a lot of couples. The temptation of potentially saving money is so attractive, because we all know how expensive weddings can get! DIY’ing can be a good thing, if you want to make little filler décor for a side table, or little things like that, I am all for it! Though the temptation may be there to DIY some things for your wedding, there is definitely certain things you should NEVER DIY and one of those things is your wedding photography! Today I want to talk about the risks of trying to DIY your wedding photography and why it is never a good idea. Enjoy!

1.The Person you Get to Take your Photos ISN’T a Professional!
When couples decide to go the DIY route for their photos, they tend to ‘hire’ a family member or friend. This person tends to get the job only because ‘they have a nice camera so they must be able to take nice photos’. I can’t stress enough how wrong this misconception is! Having a nice camera does NOT make you a good photographer! It’s all about the person behind the camera! That’s where the issues arise. Not only will the DIY choice photographer likely not have the technical expertise with their camera, but they also are not a professional photographer so they likely have no knowledge of weddings! If they have never photographed a wedding before, there is a lot they will not know. I obtained all my experience from photographing weddings with other photographers, being their second photographer, and that’s really the only way to learn the ropes of photographing weddings before you jump in and start photographing your own, and unless your DIY photographer loves weddings and has been studying wedding photography, they will have no clue what to expect! They won’t know the key shots to get throughout the day, they won’t know how to arrange photos, they won’t know how to work with the lighting they have or create the lighting they want for good imagery. There are just SO many things that person will not know how to do, and your wedding photos, and overall photography experience, will suffer because of it.

2. Your ‘photographer’ will Miss your Wedding Day
In a lot of DIY photography situations I’ve heard  of, the couple usually has a family member or friend take the photos and the problem with this is that you are automatically making that special person a worker at your wedding. The photographer does not get to have that same, emotionally connected experience at your wedding as your other guests do. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being a wedding photographer and I always have a great time doing so, but when I go to a friend or family’s wedding, I am never the photographer because the couple values me and wants me to be a guest, and that’s how all couple’s should treat their family and friends. Assigning a friend or family member to be your photographer ends up being a lack luster experience for that person, and for the couple too. Remember, your wedding only happens once and everyone close to you deserves to enjoy that special day with you

3. Your Wedding Day only Happen ONCE
This is my last point, your wedding day only happens once. Your wedding photos are one of the only lasting memories you will have left of your big day and you don’t want to risk having those memories ruined, or not even captured, from not having a professional photographer. You also want those photos captured to be good quality enough to be able to print and hang on your walls and make beautiful albums! Your wedding photos are too important to not have captured properly and hiring a professional is the ONLY way to ensure you will get all the photo memories you want captured in a beautiful way!


Still not convinced that DIY’ing your photos is a bad idea? Check out this article written about a bride, and her regret hiring a cheap photographer

And this photo below, a survey preformed by Huffington Post, that interviewed brides and asked them what they would have changed about their wedding, states that when Brides were asked ‘What do you wish you had spent more on?’ The biggest percentage of Brides said Photography!


Hopefully you’ve now all SEEN THE LIGHT and if you were thinking of DIYing your wedding photography, your minds are now changed! Every couple deserves amazing photos of their wedding day, including you! Sure it might mean cutting out some other things from your wedding, but the biggest investment in your wedding day is your photos, because they will be the only thing you have left at the end of the day. Make sure you spend the money it takes to hire a professional, and you will be a Happy Bride! : )

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