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Spring is fiiiiiiiiinally starting to make it’s appearance here in Ontario, Canada! The snow is melting, the sun is shining, and my heart is longing for some Spring time, and today’s post is all about Spring, and the fashion that comes along with it!

Today’s post is…

What Colours to Wear for a Spring Photo Shoot!

 What colours to Wear for your Spring Photo shoot! - Julia Seiler Photography Blog

So, I’ve never been an overly fashion forward person. I look silly in high-waisted shorts, and I never liked those gladiator sandals, but what I do know is that fashion is all about wearing what makes you feel and look the best you can look! A pattern I notice in people that  look good in what they wear is that they know how to dress for the weather/occasion and this factor is huge when it comes to choosing your clothes for your photo shoot.

Because Spring is almost here, I am getting SO excited thinking about spring photo shoots, so today I want to talk about WHAT colours of clothing you should be wearing to look amazing in your spring photo shoot! As I mentioned before,  I am a firm believer in dressing for your surroundings, and that it looks the best and most natural in your photos, and in the spring time dressing for your surroundings means, light, pastel colours! What you want to try and do with your clothing colour choices is pick colours that mimic nature, and what you see around you. Imagine it’s mid May, and you go out for a walk. What do you see? Some blossoming cherry trees, bright green leaves and grass, bright, blue skies, blooming flower beds. What colour are these things? Mostly you will see light, pastel colours such as greens, pinks, purples and blues.Those colours are great colours to incorporate into your wardrobe for your Spring photo shoot! My favourite colour combo is light pink and light navy!

Below are some Spring colour inspiration boards I made to show you some of my favourite Spring colour combos! These are great colours to work with! Remember to PIN your favourites to your Pinterest Boards!

Spring Colour Schemes-Green & Neutrals - Julia Seiler Photography Blog Spring Colour Schemes- Pink&Neutrals - Julia Seiler Photography Blog Spring Colour Schemes- Yellow& Grey - Julia Seiler Photography Blog

Alright! That’s all for today! I hope you enjoyed this post!

Watch the Video on What Colours to Wear for a Spring Photo Shoot!

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