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Welcome to a brand new post of Wedding Pin Wednesdays!

When I was trying to choose what to pin this week, I barely had to think about it! It’s my newest wedding obsession, and I’m surprised I hadn’t shared it with you all before today, but better now than never, right?! Today’s pin is a great, modern alternative to a wedding guest book and I am in LOVE with it!

Today’s pin is…

Wall Art Guest Book!

©Hazy Lane Studios www.hazylanestudios.com

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OK So wedding guest book wall art is my new favourite guest ‘book’ idea for many reasons, and I’ll tell you why!

First off, let’s talk about the traditional guest book. Traditional wedding guest books can be really great, when printed through your photographer in an amazing quality book – so don’t get me wrong, I do like traditional wedding guest books when done tastefully, but there is one thing that bothers me about them and that is, naturally, when you have a book and you are done with it, it goes on a shelf or in a box and remains unseen for a long time. Unlike a wedding album, wedding guest books tend to be packed up, and sadly, forgotten about pretty quickly. That book holds AMAZING memories that you should want to keep nearby and, even on display for everyone to see when they visit! This is where the wedding wall art guest ‘book ‘comes in!

With a wall art wedding guest book, the idea is to create something that looks tasteful and pretty enough to hang up on your wall. When you do hang it up, it becomes even more than great décor, it becomes a meaningful, sentimental statement that can be viewed for everyone to see! Weddings are such a beautiful event, and they go by as quickly as a blink of an eye, and when you can fill your home with the memories of your wedding, it keeps that magical day fresh in your mind for years to come, and that’s the whole idea behind the wall art wedding guest book. I know I am a sucker for the sentimental, personalized homes and what better way to tastefully decorate your home, then with pieces of your personal love story adorning the walls? The other great thing is that your art can look however you want it to look! Since I love rustic weddings, I am drawn to the wooden plank wall art, but if you would rather have people write on a canvas with paint, or on any other type of media, you can do that! Wall art is completely customizable and you can create the perfect piece to match your wedding theme and style!

I know for me, I think waking up every day to seeing that wall art with all your loved ones well wishes is the BEST way to wake up, and keep your romance in your marriage heightened! You and your partner can smile at each other every time you see it, remembering your lovely wedding day, and when friends and family come and visit, they will be smiling at it too!

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