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Welcome to today’s brand new Wedding Pin Wednesdays post!

Today’s wedding pin inspiration comes from one of my favourite wedding blogs, Rustic Wedding Chic. I follow their posts and wedding features regularly and when I saw this one element from a Vintage and Rustic-themed wedding, I was in love!

Today’s pin is…

A Vintage Rustic Floral Seating Chart!

vintage rustic floral wedding seating chart

Found on: Rustic Wedding Chic

Isn’t this seating chart just so amazing!? It’s gorgeous! I know I may seem a bit crazy for obsessing over a seating chart, but as a wedding photographer, I am all about the details! Behind every beautiful wedding is a couple that worked so painstackingly hard to create a beautiful wedding that fit their personalities. It takes so much work and time to create a vision for your wedding day and turn it into a reality. As a wedding photographer, I see it as my job to photograph every last detail at a couple’s wedding to document all of those details, big or small, that they worked so hard to make perfect, so yes, it is only a seating chart to some, but to that couple it’s a special detail that helped create their perfect day they always envisioned.

What I really love about this seating chart is the simplicity and style. The classic handwriting font gives a classic feel, and the vine of flowers gives it a more modern edge. The florals that were chosen here are so romantic-looking, with the pinks and whites and light green greenery, and the whole style of them looking very effortless and simple really fits into the rustic vintage theme of the wedding.

Overall, this seating chart is so lovely and can be customized in SO many ways (through colour, design and floral choice) to fit any wedding theme!

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