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Today’s pin has become somewhat of a staple when referring to rustic wedding decor. Most people love them, and what I love most about them is their diversity and how AMAZING they look at every single wedding I’ve seen them at!

Today’s pin is…

Rustic Painted Mason Jar Decor!

Rustic Painted Mason Jar Decor

Found on: Etsy

Yes, it is MASON JARS! But not any old mason jar, painted ones! I think in the last little bit, mason jars have been getting a bad rep. People are saying they are over used at weddings, but in my opinion, mason jars are extremely versatile and can be altered to look original, unique and perfect for your wedding decor! I especially think that painting your mason jar decor is the perfect way to make sure your decor stands out from the rest! Why is painting your mason jars a great idea? I’ll give you 3 reasons why! 1. It’s Easy! – Painting a mason jar isn’t a very hard thing to do, in fact, there are tons of tutorials that show you exactly how to do it! Here’s one   You don’t have to be the craftiest bride to make your own painted mason jars  and if you decide to do it, you’ll be happy you did (and you can brag about the fact that you made them yourself!)  2. They can be the EXACT colours of your wedding! – The one thing with buying decor items, is that it can sometimes be hard to match your wedding colours perfectly. When you use your own painted mason jars, you won’t have this problem! You can go to the paint store and buy the correct paint colour down to the specific shade of what your wedding colours are! If you’re anything like me, your fussy with colours being exactly right, and with a paint chip to perfectly match your wedding colours, you’ll be one happy, stress-free Bride!   3. They look better than plain mason jars, and are more unique! – I love the way plain mason jars look, but painted mason jars just have that added touch of personality and uniqueness! The fact that you specifically chose the colour of your decor, and can add touches to it like a distressed look, make them all that more amazing! Another thing, with painted mason jars, unlike plain mason jars, they won’t be see-through so you don’t have to worry about having guests see all the messy flower stems and water that you would see in a regular mason jar, which just makes them look more neat and pleasing to the eye! 

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