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Today’s pin is a fun one! A lot of my Brides are asking me lately about kissing game ideas so I’ve been researching a lot lately, and came across this amazing idea!

Today’s pin is…

Rustic Wedding Kissing Game Bell!

Rustic Kissing Game Bell

Found on: Cute DIY Projects

Something I am definitely noticing at weddings lately is that the kissing games are getting more and more elaborate, unique and fun! The traditional way the couple used to have to kiss at their wedding was when people clinked their glasses. Nowadays, many venues do not let you clink glasses to make the couple kiss anymore because they are worried about broken glasses – fair enough right? That’s why couples have started changing tradition and coming up with more fun ideas for kissing games! I’ve been at weddings where people have to get up and sing to make the couple kiss, do a dance, tell a joke, and even play NINTENDO WII BOWLING and have to get a strike! Receptions are always where the fun happens at a wedding, and the kissing game should be fun and entertaining as well! This wedding bell I really like for a rustic wedding because first off it looks super cute! It definitely adds to rustic wedding decor and the hand painted bell is definitely an easy DIY project! I also like the bell because it encourages interaction from your guests. Instead of doing something from their seat to make the couple kiss, they have to actually get up and be interactive and ring the bell.

Your guests will love the fun aspect of this idea, and you’ll love that because people have to get up and ring the bell each time, it’s likely that you will have enough time to eat dinner without having to kiss the entire time with food in your mouth! 😉 Haha!

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