Andrea & Mark’s Wedding

Andrea & Mark’s Purple & Yellow Rustic Wedding

– Rotary Glen Banquet Hall, Scotsdale Farm | Brampton & Georgetown Wedding Photographer

May 17th, 2014


Hi guys!

Today I am posting Andrea and Mark’s beautiful wedding!

From the first time I met Andrea and Mark at their engagement shoot their love for each other just radiated! They are just so in love and after photographing their engagement shoot, I knew their wedding would be an amazing day.

As I arrived in town to start their wedding day off, the clouds were looking dark and rainy. I was just praying that it wouldn’t rain! I started off by doing getting ready shots. First I visited the boys- they were having a nice, relaxed morning and Mark was looking rather handsome. I then went to photograph the girls and they all looked gorgeous! Andrea just looked stunning! After Andrea got into her dress and was all done up, we did a first look. As she came down the stairs all eyes were on her in awe and Mark was speechless! It was such a sweet moment.

After the first look we headed over to Scotsdale Farm for their wedding photos. It was so fitting to do their wedding photos there since that’s where we did their engagement photos a few months earlier. Andrea and Mark’s wedding party was so great to work with! They were all about having fun and enjoying the day! Andrea and Mark looked amazing together in their wedding photos- truly, they could be models!

Even though the skies looked rainy, the sun began peeking through and it was not going to rain on Andrea and Mark’s big day! I was so relieved about that!

We then headed to the venue and soon enough, the ceremony started. The ceremony was so heartfelt and sweet.. definitely got my eyes  teary! Mark and Andrea’s vows to each other were so meaningful and full of love. Love is such a beautiful thing to witness and their love for each other is so pure and heartfelt, and looking through the images again I see that emotion. Andrea, Mark just adores you SO much and I can see that in the way he looks at you, and thankfully I was able to capture that throughout the ceremony.

It’s strange because when we first arrived at the venue things were looking a little gloomy once again, but as if Mother Nature was celebrating with us, the weather only got better and better throughout the ceremony and by the end, the sun was out and shining! It was truly magical : )

After the ceremony we did more bride and groom “yay we are married!” shots and I am sooo happy that Andrea and Mark really allowed me so much time to photograph them. There are so many amazing shots it’s so hard to choose a favourite!

All the formals and wedding party shot were done, so we moved inside to the reception hall. Mark and Andrea’s decor was right up my alley! They had beautiful centerpieces with purple and yellow flowers and their decor had a rustic touch- perfect! Their was also a lot of DIY elements and they were done so well- it made my heart happy!

The reception started and so did the fun! There was dancing, kissing games, and jokes! It was such a fun night, and the first dances were so sweet they could bring a tear to your eye!

Andrea and Mark, You two deserve all the happiness in the world, and you deserved to have amazing wedding photos and I am so happy that I was able to give that to you. I got teary-eyed at your ceremony and I get teary-eyed every time I look through the photos. Witnessing your love was truly an honor and I thank you for including me in your wedding day

I hope you all love the photos!

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