Megan & Bruce’s Rustic, Country Farm Engagement Shoot!

Megan & Bruce’s Rustic, Country Farm

Engagement Shoot!

Acton, ON  |  Acton Engagement Photographer

July 2016


Hi guys!

I am so excited to be sharing Megan & Bruce’s Rustic, Country Farm Engagement Shoot with you all today!

From the minute Megan & Bruce booked me to be their wedding photographer Megan was already so excited to start planning for their engagement shoot! Megan & Bruce kindly invited me to their home, which happens to be a huge farm with TONS of acres, a barn and cows. Naturally, I was super excited to photograph there!

I had such a great time exploring Megan & Bruce’s property with them. They showed me all of the different parts of their livelihood, including their cows and their crop fields. We came across so many great spots for photos, including their barn, their big field filled with cows and the beautiful spots in between. You’ll see by looking at these photos just how many great backgrounds were available for their photos – I was in heaven! I would have to say my favourite location we photographed at was with the fields with their cows. The closer we got to their cows, the more they started posing for the camera! It was priceless! You’ll see in the photos with the cows that they have their heads all together looking at the camera, like they are posing for a group selfie! It’s amazing! I also loved that they included their ADORABLE dog, Dodge (He’s a Maremma Sheepdog) in their photos! Megan made their save the date out of cow tags and made Dodge a necklace to wear. It is TOO cute!

Megan is a very chill, yet outgoing person. Bruce is a little more on the shy side, but together they make such a cute couple! Once they both got used to the camera, they started to really be themselves around me and the photos that came from that were just so great! You can see just how much Megan loves Bruce -it’s written all over her face, and you can especially see it in the way she looks at him. Bruce looks at Megan in the same way – with such admiration and love – it was a lovely thing for me to witness!

I’m so happy that Megan and Bruce love the photos and I can’t wait for their wedding next summer at Piper’s Heath!

I hope you all enjoy the photos! : )



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