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I think something EVERY Bride can agree on is that your wedding day just flies by! You spend months, days and hours preparing for that one special day and in a blink of an eye, it’s over. Because of this, I am all about ideas that allow your wedding memories to be apart of your everyday life, and today’s pin does just that!

Today’s pin is…

A Preserved Wedding Bouquet Shadow Box!

preserved wedding bouquet shadow box
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If you’re anything like me, you are super sentimental! You love keeping memories in the form of objects that help you remember lovely moments in your life. Also, you love flowers! If this sounds like you – this idea is right up your alley! This idea is perfect for the sentimental Bride! My favourite element of the Bride’s Look is their wedding bouquet! I love flowers and I think the bouquet is the Bride’s best and most used accessory on her big day. Wherever she goes, her bouquet is with her, which is why it’s such a great thing to preserve and hang in a shadow box frame in your home. Unlike other bridal accessories (dress, shoes, etc.) a bouquet will look great being displayed on the wall!

Tip: Hang this lovely frame in your bedroom! It’s the most appropriate room in the house to display it in because the bedroom is a room full of love! It’s the room where you and your partner cuddle together to go to sleep and wake up to each other every morning in. Good memories from your wedding is the perfect way to wake up every morning that reminds you how much you love each other! 

Overall, I love this sentimental post-wedding project – I hope you do too!

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