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Today’s pin is a trend that is popping up in weddings that I LOVE! This trend works really well for rustic weddings, or modern weddings.

Today’s pin is…

Mismatched Coloured Bridesmaid Dresses!

mismatched coloured bridesmaid dresses

Found on: Buzzfeed

I love love LOVE mismatched coloured bridesmaids dresses! This modern approach to bridesmaids outfits is something that, I believe, is a really great idea! One of my favourite things about it is the uniqueness/character it adds to your photos. Especially when you have a large wedding party, every girl wearing the same thing can look a little repetitive. Mismatched colours give off a more relaxed, yet classic vibe! When you stick with a certain colour palette and add that diversity to your colour scheme, when done correctly, the result is this gorgeousness! Some tips for choosing mismatched dress colours for your bridesmaids are: 1. Choose colours that compliment each other – Most modern weddings use this trend as well, choosing colour schemes for their wedding that have layers of colour. It’s a technique that home designs use and it works really well! If you are unsure about how to go about choosing complimenting colours, you can hire a wedding planner to help or check out Pinterest or The Perfect Palette! They have a ton of colour palette boards like this that you will definitely be able to find one you love and base your wedding colour scheme off of it!  2. Stick to same shades (ex. colours that are all pastel) – When choosing mismatch colours, make sure to choose same shades of colours. For example, pastel shades tend to work really well for Spring or Summer weddings. It’s all about choosing colours that fit together. For example, a bright canary yellow wouldn’t work too well with muted, soft green colour, but if you decide to choose all pastel shades, virtually any colour you can think of would match!  3. Choose colours in the same colour family – A safe way to go is to choose colours in the same colour family. In this pin above, All the girls have a shade of either green or blues. They are very close in the colour family so the result looks amazing!

So, if you want your maids to look unique and have photos that have character and style, choose mismatched bridesmaid dresses for your big day!

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