Instagram Wedding – Wedding Pin Wednesdays!


Hey guys! It’s time for me to share with all of you another Wedding Pin Wednesdays!

It’s something that probably everyone uses that you may not expect to see used on a wedding day, but it is! Today is is all about…

Instagram Wedding!

instagram wedding
Found on: Fab You Bliss

I gotta say I love this new, modern idea of using instagram for your wedding day! I must note that I don’t agree on photos during the ceremony, but for the reception it’s a great idea! Encouraging your friends to take photos of all the fun allows you to go on instagram after your wedding, search your hashtag, and re-live your wedding night fun!

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2 Responses to “Instagram Wedding – Wedding Pin Wednesdays!”

  • Another great idea is having a photo scavenger hunt, which could easily be posted on instagram as well. Ideas like “Bride and Groom holding hands” or “take a photo of your table” or “Bride looking at Groom from across the room”
    moments like this that might not be captured otherwise

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