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Today I am talking about one of my favourite websites ever and how you future brides can use it to help you!

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How to Use Pinterest to Plan your Wedding!



So we all love Pinterest for SO many reasons. There are so many interesting things on there that spark our creativity and a huge section on Pinterest is dedicated to weddings! Brides love going on Pinterest and starting a wedding board with ideas they love, and I am all for that! I think it’s a great idea, so today I want to share with you my insight on why Pinterest is so great for planning your wedding and how to use Pinterest effectively to plan your wedding.

1. Creates a Great Visual  

So the reason why Pinterest is amazing for planning your wedding is because it gives you a visual- which is a really great thing especially for brides that have trouble visualizing things. You can go on there, find photos you like, and start saving them and together, you get an idea of what you like and that can turn into the theme/colour palette for your wedding.

2. Share your Pinterest Wedding Board with your Photographer (and other wedding professionals that are helping you plan your wedding) 

Once you have your ideas, share them with the professionals who can help you evolve those ideas even more! Wedding professionals are just that- professionals at weddings, so they can help you by seeing your ideas, taking what they know about you and helping you turn those Pinterest ideas into something unique and perfect for you and your wedding.

3. Don’t copy EXACTLY what you find on Pinterest

This is more of a cautionary tip – and that is to not copy everything you see on Pinterest. Remember that your wedding is suppose to represent you and your significant other and your love story, so if you copy everything you see on Pinterest, your personality and personal touch won’t be there, so just make sure to use Pinterest for ideas, and then evolve those ideas. Take those ideas and add something personal that you like or that will fit into your wedding theme so you will end up with a final result that is perfect for you and your wedding.

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Watch the video on How to Use Pinterest to Plan your Wedding!

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