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Today is all about smooching! Seriously, not kidding!

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How to Perfect your First Kiss Shot!


So your first kiss shot is an amazing part of your wedding day! It is the first, real moment that signifies your coming together and introduces you as husband and wife! It is such an exciting time and for most couples, that photo is one of the most anticipated ones, though it can be a really easy shot to get perfectly right. Because of this, I wanted to make this post on how to make sure your kissing shot turns out amazingly well and will be one of the photos you will want to hang above your mantel!


This is probably the one that some couples don’t do and it really hinders their first kiss shot. Imagine me, I have my camera lined up waiting for that moment, waiting for that kiss, it comes and a millisecond later it’s over! This is the biggest mistake you can do for your first kiss shot. As a photographer, I want to be able to get some different angles of your first kiss, some close ups, some wide angle shots, and if your kiss ends too quickly I am not able to do that, and you will not have those array of awesome kiss shot images you really wanted. Your first kiss is such a big moment and it should be celebrated. Everyone wants to witness it and that’s why they are at your ceremony, so give them a kiss they can write home about! They’ll enjoy it, and trust me- you will too!


 2. Be aware of your body

What I mean by this is make sure that when you do your first kiss that you don’t have any distracting positions/movements. What I see sometimes in the first kiss is couples put their hands over their partners face or something and that causes me, and your guests, to not get a good view of your first kiss. I know it can be difficult to think about your body positioning when you are getting married and in the moment, but hopefully from reading this blog post the thought will be in the back of your mind so you do remember! It’s O.K to take a moment after you’ve been told to kiss and make sure you are positioned nicely. Your first kiss photos depend on it!


3. Keep it simple

 It can be tempting to make a big spectacle of your first kiss like doing an unexpected dip, or picking up your spouse, but the truth is, keeping it simple is really the safest thing you can do for your first kiss. Big plays can sometimes go badly, and you don’t want that to happen so save all the dips and lifts for your wedding photos later on, and just make your first kiss sweet and simple- you can’t go wrong!


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Watch the video on How to Perfect Your First Kiss!

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