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With Spring on it’s way, in no time we can expect to see everyone coming out of hibernation, wearing those short shorts and tank tops and showing themselves off in public again! That’s what Spring and Summer is all about! For some, this time is amazing and fun, but for others, it can be scary and intimidating. And when it comes to taking pictures, these people are scared out of their minds! Today I want to try and fix that with a little pep talk!

Today’s post is…

How to Be Confident in Photos!


I want to share a message with those people who are dreading being in photos this summer, or worried about how they will look in their photos from their photo shoot. Confidence stems from being comfortable with yourself, and being O.K with yourself and how you look. This is where confidence begins.

We’ve all been there. We’ve all had a point in our lives when we were unhappy with our outward appearances. Trust me, I was there recently. Being 23 years old and still having braces? Ya, that wasn’t my most confident time. I had braces from 20-23 and I often felt embarrassed. I was always thinking about how people were judging me, thinking I was a high school student, and because of my business, I put myself out there for all to see on Youtube and social media. Yes, it was hard, but what really got me through it was focusing on the positives about myself. It’s so much easier to be confident in yourself when you stop focusing on the negative, and focus on the positives. Sure, I had braces at 23, but I told myself I also have pretty blue eyes that a lot of people have told me they wish they had, and I also have long, brown hair that people envy because I don’t have to straighten it ever! When I channeled these positive thoughts when being photographed, I had no issues! In every business photo I had with braces, I smiled like they weren’t even there, because I knew that I was happy with myself and that if I acted like that in my photos, others would see it and believe it too. When you focus on the positives, it  makes it that much easier to build up your confidence.

Another tip I’ve always used and found helpful in building confidence is to try and see yourself the way others see you. Have you ever had a friend tell you they love your hair, or your outfit, or anything else about yourself? Believe them and adapt those thoughts into your own head! We are often our hardest critics, and listening to the positive things other people see in you, is a great way to start thinking positively about yourself.

So with all this said, what does confidence do for you? Well, when you have Confidence, you will look GREAT in your photos! 

The way you feel about yourself, and the level of confidence you have will definitely shine through in your photos, so the more confident you are, the better you will look! You’ll stand a little taller, you’ll smile a little brighter and these things will lead you to working it in front of the camera!

Another huge aspect to being confident in your photos, is having confidence in your photographer. I’ve always stressed the importance of choosing a photographer that ‘gets’ you, and part of that is how comfortable they make you feel. Being photographed can be an intimidating thing, but if you are letting someone you know, like, trust and get along with take your photos, then you are set!

So, How to be Confident in your photos? It’s as easy as loving yourself first! Once you are comfortable with yourself, your confidence will just SHINE through in your photos! With your own self confidence, your photographer’s confidence and confidence everywhere, in everyone all around – then there is no other result than achieving amazing photos!

 Alright! That’s all for today! I hope you guys enjoyed this little pep talk/rant! Let me know what you think in the comment box below this post!

How to Be Confident in Photos!

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