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This is a topic that is SUPER important in order to achieve great engagement and wedding day photos. You can have perfect hair, the whitest smile, and the best outfit, but without this one very crucial thing, your photos can suffer!

Today’s blog topic is…

How to Act Natural In Front of the Camera!

So, for a lot of people getting your photo taken can be SCARY! Once you choose a photographer, it’s up to them to get great images of you, and that can be a lot of pressure and stress on you.

Acting natural in front of the camera is something that can be practiced upon at home, by practicing your smile in the mirror, having self confidence, YES those things definitely help, and of course having a great photographer is KEY! Of COURSE you want amazing images, that’s why you hired a professional photographer, right? But did you hire one that can bring the best side out of you for your photos? I find when it comes to acting natural in your photos, there is ONE thing that really determines if your photos will end up looking natural and candid and that thing is… your photographer’s talent!


The truth is, if you want photos that are natural and candid, you NEED a photographer that can bring that side out of you! For example, I specialize in natural, candid imagery of my clients. I connect with them on a level that makes them feel comfortable enough to be themselves in front of me, and the result of that is BEAUTIFUL images that tell their unique love story, because they are natural and real moments. I capture couples doing those little things that make them a couple, those little quirks, those little touches – those are what makes a couple special, and in order to be that vulnerable in your photos, your photographer will need to bring that out of you. Thankfully, I have that talent that allows my couples to open up to me and be themselves so I can capture those amazing natural and candid images!

The best way to illustrate this is through something that I do for every photo shoot, which I think is pretty neat! So, what I do at the start of every photo shoot is take a photo of the couple together, smiling – a very traditional pose. Taking this photo first is the best strategy for me, because it allows the couple to show their true feelings – are they nervous? Are they scared? Do they feel awkward? This photo says it all for me, and once I have it, I know how much I need to turn on my super power of making them feel comfortable so I can do my job and get them those GREAT images!

Here’s an example to share with you, Beautiful Alicia and Troy. This is the first photo I took of them at their engagement photo shoot:

before imageWhat do I think of this photo? It is nice, standard, they look good, but as far as a photo that shows their personalities and connection as a couple – not so much! Overall, they look a little nervous and unsure. This was also the first time I met them in person!

Now here’s one of the last photos from their photo shoot:
Alicia&Troy'sEngagementPhotos (40)

What a difference! They are happy, laughing and being totally adorable in front of me! This photo really describes them as a couple, therefore making it a winner!

Here’s another example of Melissa and Jamie at their engagement photo shoot:

before and after

So, now you see what I mean. It really takes a talented photographer to get a couple to feel vulnerable and comfortable enough to be themselves in front of the camera. This is why choosing a wedding photographer is SO important! Your photographer will really determine how well your photos will turn out. Tip: ALWAYS do an engagement session before your wedding! It is like a practice run with your photographer so you will know that you can be comfortable with them taking your photos, and when your wedding day comes around, photo time will be a piece of cake!

So, remember to make sure you choose a photographer that makes you feel amazing and let’s you just be yourself in order to achieve those amazing, candid, natural images you’ll LOVE!

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