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Welcome to today’s brand new Wedding Pin Wednesdays post!

Today’s pin is so unique! As I was scrolling through Pinterest for something really cool to post this week, I couldn’t skip this one! It is so unique and pretty!

Today’s pin is…

A Handkerchief Wedding Invitation!

handkerchief wedding invitation

Found on: Rustic Wedding Chic

OK! So this may be one of the COOLEST wedding ideas I have ever found on Pinterest! This invite is PERFECT for a rustic or vintage-themed wedding!

I have to admit, usually when I think of wedding invitations, you think of the same old thing. I remember watching wedding movies and seeing Brides pick their invites and the only thing that was really a choice, was the colour, and maybe the font. Now, with so many couples deciding to personalize their weddings and get more creative, amazing ideas like this come along! One of my favourite things about weddings is the details, and when a couple really works hard to personalize their big day in every aspect, including the invites, that is just amazing to me! The invitation is really your guests first indicator of the type of wedding you will be having, and the more personalized to your theme you make it, the better! I have to tell you, if I got this invite in the mail, I would be SO excited to see how  the rest of the wedding would look!

I’m not saying your wedding invite has to be physically different like this one to be cool. You can still have paper invites that look awesome, but my tip to you is to not just go for the standard run-of-the-mill design. Take the time and effort to put some thought into your designs and make sure your invites say something about you and your upcoming wedding! Amazing invitations are money well spent- They add to your decor, they describe the feel and theme of your wedding to your guests and they are great keepsakes, too!

TIP: If you are looking for amazing invites and are located in Toronto or the GTA, check out my friend at Alicia’s Infinity! Her work is AMAZING! 

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