Lyndsey & Rick’s Rustic, Intimate Wedding!

Lyndsey & Rick’s Rustic, Intimate Wedding!

Famee Furlane of Hamilton, Binbrook , ON  | Hamilton Wedding Photographer

August 28th, 2016

Hi guys!

It’s time to share Lyndsey & Rick’s Rustic, Intimate Wedding at Famee Furlane on the blog!

First, I’m going to say SORRY for such a large post, but Lyndsey was the QUEEN of rustic decor for her big day and I took so many photos of all the loveliness, that it was hard to narrow it down! 

Lyndsey & Rick’s wedding day was so special, in so many ways! Not only was their day beautiful, with it’s rustic decor, but it was heavily centered around family and it was a beautiful day for me to witness.

Let’s start at the beginning, When Lyndsey first messaged me on facebook to tell me about her wedding, she told me right off of the bat ‘my wedding is next Sunday.’ It was pretty much ONE week before her special day. Lyndsey and Rick had originally planned to have a destination wedding the following winter, but when family members could not make it, they changed their plans last minute and planned their entire wedding in a matter of a few weeks. The more I talked to Lyndsey, the more I wanted to work with her. I love everything she told me she had planned for her wedding so I was in!

On the wedding day, I started off the day by taking getting ready photos with the Bride. It was a very relaxed morning with her eldest daughter running around the house full of excitement, and her youngest in her high chair eating breakfast looking giddy as ever. Excitement filled the room and I couldn’t wait for the wedding to get started.

When I arrived to the venue and saw all of the details.. all I can say is W-O-W! Lyndsey was THE super Bride! With her wedding planned entirely last minute, to see all of the amazingly gorgeous decor and details she incorporated into her wedding day… it was truly amazing. She told me she was very into the decor element of the day, and it was very evident! Mason jars lined with lace and filled with flowers, beautifully framed photos of family everywhere, a candy bar, EVEN a custom carved log of wood with ‘R <3s L’ and their wedding date on it! It was really my dream wedding.. capturing all of those pretty details, and every time I turned my head there were more and more…I couldn’t stop photographing them! It has heaven for me!

Next was the ceremony, which was great! It was just the right amount of emotion and humor! Their officiant was a comedian so it was as entertaining as much as it was sweet!

For photos, Lyndsey and Rick wanted it to be more about the family and candid moments, so we just took a little brief period away from the wedding to take some family and Bride & Groom photos. It was brief, but very enjoyable, then it was back to the reception.

The reception was filled with so many sweet moments like 2 first dance songs (one selected by the Bride, one selected by the Groom), separate Bride & Groom speeches to each other and a slideshow with the story of how their family came together. I can honestly say I’ve never been to a more family-oriented wedding and it was really a special thing. Lyndsey and Rick really made the day about the children, with a candy bar, and a blow up bouncy castle out back, a lot of the day was really about making all of the kids at the wedding smile. All of the gestures they put into their day was all so sooo sweet and I think everyone in attendance thought it was as sweet as I did!

Lyndsey and Rick, Thank you so much for choosing me to capture your wedding day. It was such a heart-filled, beautiful day that I was so thankful to be apart of. I wish you all the best in your future together as husband and wife with your family! Much love & happiness,


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