Amber’s Fairy Tale-Themed Bridal Shower!

Amber’s Fairy Tale-Themed Bridal Shower!

Erin, Ontario  |  Erin Event Photographer

June 2016

amber bridal showert

Hi guys!

I’m so excited to be sharing Amber’s Bridal Shower on the blog today!

When Amber first reached out to me, she told me that she needed a photographer that could capture ALL of the amazing details that would be at her Bridal Shower, and that she was a princess/Disney lover! As a detail LOVER and a fellow Disney fanatic myself, I couldn’t resist!

When I arrived at her shower I was definitely not disappointed. There were details EVERYWHERE and they were AMAZING! I could not believe how much much detail went into this Bridal Shower. Everything from the hand crafted story tale book Amber’s fiance made (out of wood and REAL leather that had their ENTIRE love story hand written in it), to the crown-shaped finger sandwiches, to the cotton-candy champagne and the home made princess cake, everything at Amber’s Bridal Shower was just to die for! So much love from all of Amber’s family and friends went into creating every detail at the shower – it was beautiful! I had such a great time capturing every little detail in sight!

Amber’s Bridal shower was actually the first one I’ve ever photographed. I’ve always wanted to photograph a bridal shower, but never had the opportunity. As my first Bridal shower, I was definitely so blessed. Right from the second I arrived, I felt so welcomed. Amber and all of her friends and family treated me as if I was a guest at Amber’s special day, and I couldn’t have felt more honored to have been the one that she chose to capture this special event in her life.

After spending the afternoon with Amber, there is no doubt in my mind that she IS a true princess and she has definitely found her price charming and they will have their happily ever after!

Amber, thank you SO much for welcoming me with open arms in your home! You are a beautiful person, inside and out, and I hope your wedding day is the fairy tale dream that you deserve! 


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