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In my opinion, especially for outdoor weddings, heels are over rated! Who wants to be sinking in the grass all day? Your wedding day is a day to show off your personality, and if you are having a rustic or country wedding, these shoes are perfect!

Today’s pin is…

Cowgirl Wedding Boots!

cowgirl wedding shoes

Found on: Emmaline Bride

Cowboy (or Cowgirl) boots are the perfect wedding shoe for the rustic or country Bride! Something that goes hand in hand with outdoor or barn weddings is comfort, and if you are planning on wearing heels 1. you will not be comfortable at all and 2. you won’t have shoes that really fit in with the look and feel of your wedding! When you are throwing a rustic or country wedding, it likely is because that is an extension of your personality and who you are, so don’t be afraid to choose your favourite shoes to wear for your wedding as well! If you are a cowgirl at heart, then throw on your favourite boots! Not only will you look amazing, but since rustic weddings are so popular, nobody will even second guess your shoe choice! You’ll look amazing, and they will look great in photos too! Tip: For a more unified look, make sure your wedding party wears a pair of boots as well! If your wedding party all have heels and dress shoes on, it won’t be the best look for your photos. If you all look the part for a rustic wedding, then the better your wedding photos will look too! 

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