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I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again. My absolute FAVOURITE thing about weddings is the couple! I love learning about their love story, learning more about them as individuals and how those two things come together to create such an amazing relationship. In September I photographed Kate and Mike’s Wedding at Kelso Conservation Area in Milton and their wedding was completely amazing, because they incorporated so much of themselves into their big day. They’re both self proclaimed ‘nerds’, are super quirky and love comic books and video games, and their wedding definitely showed that off! Today’s pin was one of my favourite elements from their special day.

Today’s pin is…

A Comic Book Wedding Bouquet!

comic book wedding bouquet
Photo by: Julia Seiler Photography

Kate’s comic book wedding bouquet was SO amazing! She made it herself (I love the DIY Brides!) and because of that, it fit her wedding theme perfectly! The main colour scheme of their wedding was blue, so Kate made sure to incorporate a lot of blue into her bouquet. Not only had I never photographed a comic book wedding bouquet before this day, (which made it awesome because of that) but I had never seen a bouquet in a wedding that fit so perfectly with the Bride holding it. I always say that a couple’s wedding day is ALL about them and therefore, should reflect who they are and Kate did an amazing job with that through her DIY bouquet! So many couples are beginning to throw away wedding tradition and make a day that’s completely unique to them and tells their love story – which I love!

The thing  that’s amazing about a paper bouquet, is that you can personalize it however you want to! Not into comic books, but maybe you love reading novels? Use pages out of your favourite novels and create your own special bouquet! You can add colour with paint, ribbons, beads and more! The possibilities really are endless!

Tip: Want to try and make your own, personalized paper wedding bouquet? Check out this video to learn how!


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