Alex & Rachel’s Downtown Elora Engagement Shoot!

Alex & Rachel’s Downtown Elora Engagement Shoot!

Downtown Elora, Elora, ON  |  Elora Engagement Photographer

August 2018

I’m so excited to be sharing Alex and Rachel’s engagement shoot on the blog today!

The way Alex and Rachel came upon me and my work was actually quite funny. Alex’s good friend from school, Sam, is my husband’s best friend’s girlfriend (you follow?) and Sam had told Alex about my work months before their vendor search. When he actually started looking for a photographer he came across my work, I met up with him and Rachel, we hit it off and they hired me. I went to a party Sam was hosting a couple of months later and told her I booked a wedding and she said she’s the one that told Alex about me. When I asked Alex, he didn’t even remember Sam telling him that and he had just told me he found me on google searching – so funny! I guess it was meant to be!

Fast forward to their engagement session- Rachel and Alex love Elora and since their wedding later that year would take place at the Elora Mill, it seemed like the perfect location for their engagement photos – and they were right!

We wandered the streets of Elora on one hot, summer day and it was so much fun! We stopped at every cool backdrop I spotted and snapped pics as we went. It was so casual, laidback and so fun – just like Rachel and Alex! They are both more relaxed personalities and so easy to get along with. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple to photograph! I’m so happy with how they turned out and I hope you all like them, too!

Alex and Rachel, Thanks for such an awesome day! I had a great time and your wedding was even better! (everyone will have to stay tuned to see how those photos turned out) : )

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