Nicole & David’s Rustic, Winter & Tea Party-Themed Wedding!

Nicole & David’s Winter & Tea Party-Themed Wedding!

Blue Springs Golf Club, Acton  | Acton Rustic Wedding Photographer

November 21st, 2015

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Hey guys!

I’m SO excited to be sharing Nicole and David’s super sweet winter and tea-themed wedding with you all today!

Nicole and David’s wedding was truly magical! From their love, to the stunning decor, to the picture perfect snowfall at the end of the evening – magical is the best description for their perfect wedding day!

My favourite types of weddings are the kind where couples really prioritize creating a wedding day that is perfect to them. From the beginning when I first met Nicole and David, I knew they were going to have a completely personalized wedding that meant so much to them. Some of the comments Nicole made that really stood out to me was ‘We are going to try and have the wedding end by 10pm. I’ll want to go to bed!’ and ‘Instead of dancing, we are having a tea party’. Once I heard those things I was so excited to photograph their wedding!

Nicole and David’s big day began at their family’s church, Clearwater Church in Oakville. Their ceremony was beautiful and sweet. David looked so happy when he first saw Nicole and throughout the entire ceremony they were both so giddy and excited to make it official!

After the ceremony, we headed to their reception location at the beautiful Blue Springs Golf Club in Acton. The room was filled with beautiful twinkle lights, candles, pine cones, and a tea making station complete with teddy, shaped honey containers! Everything looked so lovely and well put together! Nicole and David’s vision of a romantic, winter-themed, tea party wedding really came to life and it was amazing! I really loved their wedding colours as well. The main colour was navy and it was accented with coral and white bouquets and beautiful sparkling pine cones in their wedding centerpieces.

Photographing Nicole and David came next, which was a breeze! They are so natural in front of the camera, and it just allowed me to do what I do best and capture those beautiful, special candid moments. Photo time with Nicole, David and their wedding party was so fun! Yes, it was cold, but they were all troopers and endured the cold long enough to get some amazing photos! We had fun accessories like scarves and individually unique tea mugs to really make the photos interesting and get everyone in a good mood (and warm!)

Fun fact about David and Nicole’s wedding, Nicole and David LOVE David’s Tea and their wedding had a tea theme thanks to the help of one of Nicole’s Bridesmaids who works at David’s tea, oh and if it doesn’t sound like Nicole and David are meant to be yet, well Nicole’s dress was from DAVID’S bridal! There was a whole lot of David included throughout the day, and the perfect companion to David is clearly Nicole!

David and Nicole’s reception was filled with games- trivia and a rolling dice for the kissing game,  so it was tons of fun! Everyone had such a great time. There was also many heartfelt speeches from all of Nicole and David’s family, who evidently love them so much and are so overjoyed about their union!

One of my favourite parts of the night was Nicole and David’s first dance. The photos were magical, with twinkle lights shining above their heads, and many laughs and smiles shared between them. The best part of the night hands down was when their winter-themed wedding really came to life with the first snowfall of the year! Just before the night was over it started snowing and Nicole and David were SO excited to take some photos outside! Of course I was too so we went outside and took some lovely, romantic, snowy photos. It was like the cherry on top of an amazing wedding day!

Nicole and David, it was truly amazing working with you and witnessing the beautiful love you have for each other. Thank you for including me in your special day, and I wish you all the best on this new journey of yours as husband and wife!


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