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Today’s pin is so unique! It’s all about guest book ideas. Who does a guest book BOOK anymore? There are so many cool ideas you can do instead, and this one is a new favourite of mine!

Today’s pin is…

A Wooden Heart Frame Guest Book!

wooden heart frame guest book

Found on: Desirable Events by Desi

This idea is just TOO cute! I think this type of guest book works for any type of wedding, but more specifically a DIY wedding! At DIY weddings so many of the elements are created by the couple and wedding party, so to tie in that DIY element to your guest book, have this wooden heart frame as your guest book so your guests can get in on the DIY action too! How fun of an idea is it to get your guests to sign their names on little hearts?! It is definitely a unique and fresh take on guest books so because most of your guests have never seen it before, they will love it! The best part about this idea is that you can totally customize it to fit your wedding theme! Natural wood hearts works great for rustic weddings, where as for modern weddings, you can paint the hearts in your wedding colours to match your wedding theme! I always love wedding guest ‘books’ that you can turn into art and hang on your wall! What better way to remember your special day then to have a constant reminder hanging on the wall with all your loved ones signatures on little hearts!?

After hearing all of the amazing reasons to have a wooden heart frame guest book at your wedding, I hope you will consider it! I’m definitely loving this new, modern take on wedding guest books and I hope you do too!

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