Aubyn & Grace’s Anniversary

Aubyn & Grace’s 60th Diamond Wedding Anniversary Party

– The Gellert Centre, Georgetown | Georgetown Event Photographer

June 21st, 2014


Hey guys!

This 60th Wedding Anniversary event was very personal for me. I have been with my boyfriend Kurtis for over 5 years and this event was for his grandparents. I have gotten to know a lot of his family throughout the years and that includes Aubyn (aka. Bun) and Grace. They are a great role model for anyone who is in love. To have spent 60 years with the same person is such an amazing and inspiring thing for us all, and they deserved to have this amazing party to celebrate that.

Their event was beautiful! Their daughter, and Kurtis’s mother, Janice did the flower arrangements- Janice owns Fendley Florists in Georgetown, and Kurtis’ aunt made the cake. The details were all so amazing, down to Grace arranging a memory table that included her wedding dress and photos of her family. We all had a part in setting up the space and Grace just loved it! Grace and the whole family put so much work into preparing for this day so to see the outcome look as beautiful as it did was just amazing!

The day was filled with jokes and laughs, as well as heartfelt speeches from the people nearest to Grace and Bun. It was a beautiful day and fun one for me as well. I was able to photograph a very special event was beautiful, and personal to me and I was able to meet a lot of extended family and friends.

Congratulations, Bun and Grace!

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